"Aniva ( a concept inspired by Papaali段 Dr Semisi Ma段a段 ) is the Samoan name for the galaxy and the constellation that our ancient Pacific mariners used to navigate from.

It became a symbol of wonder, the inspiration for man to speculate on the subject of deity, the creation of man and the universe. The stars in the night sky also served as a universal symbol of attainment through goal setting."


About Aniva

The Ministry of Health has supported Pacific workforce development, as part of the Pacific Provider Development Funding of leadership development and alumni programmes since 2002. A total of 110 Pacific people from across the sector, including community leaders, clinicians, managers and researchers have participated in the programmes.

The aim of these initiatives has been to enhance and improve health and disability services. Ethnic and linguistic diversity among health professionals is considered important because it is associated with better access to and quality of care for diverse populations. The focus on Pacific workforce development reflects that there is a significant shortage of New Zealand health and disability workers with an understanding of Pacific health perspectives and Pacific culture in general.

The initiative involves programmes focusing on supporting participants to develop their technical skills, and assistance with career planning. The programmes are intended to assist participants to pursue opportunities for career advancement in the health sector; and build their understanding of the challenges of working cross-culturally and advocating for minority populations, while establishing a Pacific health sector network for support.

The Aniva Programme will continue the leadership development and networking opportunities available to support the Pacific health workforce. The programme contributes to the Ministry痴 overall strategy to increase the Pacific health and disability workforce by ensuring we have the right Pacific people with the right skills in the right places (Serau, Focus1).

 Aniva Strategic Guides

  • 'Ala Mo置i: Pathways to Pacific Health and Wellbeing 2014-2018 (羨la Mo置i) sets out the ways in which the Government expects that health and disability services for Pacific Peoples will be enhanced and improved.
  • Serau framework seeks to target priority workforce groups, and develop and implement structured mentoring and support programmes.
  • Aniva supports 羨la Mo置i and Serau by supporting priority outcome one of Ala Mo置i, that Pacific workforce supply meets service demand.

Aniva Aim

  • To improve the recruitment, training and on-going professional development of Pacific health workers.

Aniva Objectives

To :

  • facilitate and strengthen clinical and cultural networks across the Pacific health sector to support peer learning, enable access to trusted sources of advice, and facilitate more efficient sharing of information;
  • support participants to plan and develop their career pathways and facilitate career advancement opportunities so that more Pacific people are available for senior roles to provide a Pacific perspective and influence strategy, policy and service delivery implementation to improve health outcomes for Pacific people;
  • support participants to develop specific skills for leadership of Pacific health including: clinical leadership; management and leadership; and cultural and community leadership; and
  •  increase the pool of Pacific expertise available to the health sector mainstream and Pacific to communicate Pacific issues, teaching and mentoring of others, conference presentations and publications.