The Ministry of Health has recently made available an online version of a report published by Pacific Perspectives in 2012 regarding the provision of primary health care to the Pacific community. The report provides evidence to support improvements to Pacific peoples' access and use of primary care services in New Zealand. In undertaking the research the authors were supported by a Pacific Expert Advisory Group and employed the use of the Talatalaga a Aiga methodology.


The key findings from the report include: the identification of a continuum with respect to participants understanding of a healthy lifestyle; the connection between high levels of stress and poor health, particularly among young mothers; and identification of key barriers to access to high quality primary health services. With respect to this finding the research found that the three major barriers to access to primary health care services are cost, transport and language. Significantly, the researchers also found that overall Pacific people judge the quality of their health care by their sense of whether or not the relationship has been respected.


The report puts forward nine recommendations for consideration by the Ministry of Health and Health Research Council. The recommendations provide practical and relevant guidance with respect to key interventions that can be undertaken to improve the accessibility and delivery of high quality of primary health care services to Pacific peoples in New Zealand.