The Ministry of Health has recently published a paper which summarises key findings regarding the health and wellbeing of Pacific adults and children.


The information contained in the report was collected as a part of the New Zealand Health Survey which was conducted during June 2011 to June 2012.  Overall, the survey results indicate that there is a disparity between participants opinions of whether they and their children are currently experiencing good health as compared with their actual experience of being disadvantaged across several key health areas.  For example 86% of Pacific adults (15 years and over) reported that they were in good health yet the survey results found that this same group experienced disadvantages across several areas of health, most notably with respect to diabetes and psychological distress.


The information collected in the report is broken down into three areas of focus: health behaviours and risk factors, health conditions, and access to health care. Of particular significance is the finding that obesity rates for Pacific adults and children, which are at least 2.5 times as high as the rates for non-Pacific children and adults, have not changed since 2006/07.